Hi and Welcome to my Online Portfolio,

If you have not guessed yet my name is Denzil Williams and I'm a professional Kitesurfer, I live in the tropical county of Cornwall where the sun is always shining and there's a constant force 4 blowing all the time! (as if...).

To give you a very brief history of my Kitesurfing career, my first ever comp was at Portland where I came 2nd in the Ams, then I progressed on to gain the title of 2003 British Amateur Champion, so then I advanced up to Pro Level, in 2004 I came 2nd in the KBBT Mens pro series, 2005 I came in at 2nd place in the BKSA freestyle with 2nd also in the wave series, in 2006 I won the Kenya Cup freestyle, 2nd in BKSA freestyle, 3rd in BKSA wave riding and 3rd in the Kernow Wave comp. 2007 I found myself on the podium again for the Wave series that was held in Porthcawl comming away with 3rd position, I slipped down a bit in the freestyle having finished in 4th place but it was a very close call as I was in 2nd place for most of the year! Next up in 2008 I took up the new discipline of Course racing which is a very exciting aspect of the sport. I have won the National title in Course racing for the past 2 years runningand also came in ranked 6th in the world on the PKRA racing circuit on my 1st year of trying.

I compete in many disciplines because my skills are very broad. I have been in numerous Kitesurf magazines helping with technique and testing articles also writing trip reports and other magic moments that happen within the industry!

I have tried to design this website so it was similar to myself "good looking" but I think it turned out a bit more accurate being "Nice and Simple!"


My sponsors help me to compete at the top of the sport, Ozone kites are regarded as the best kites on the market for racing with and I am lucky enough to have them backing me, I use the edge Kite for racing and the Reo for wave riding. RRD are who support me for race boards, this year I am riding the K 70 Race board, it is a 3 fin extra wide board that absolutely thunders upwind and stomps the opposition on the downwind... as long as I can hold on....

Mystic provide me with kitesurf hardware such as harnesses and helmets, 2 essential things needed in Kitesurfing! Living in the UK you would not last long without a wetsuit and with great pleasure I get to wear Mystic wetsuits and I use Mystic harness's as well

And last but not least I am sponsored by West Pharmaceuticals, they are the company that I work for and without their support I would not be able to attend the competitions needed to win things like the British title.

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